Locals Face Potential Roof Damage

Ice DamsAROUND THE NEK- After last weeks snow storms, people are facing bigger problems than just cleaning up all of the snow. With nearly twenty inches of snow accumulated this past week, local residents could potentially face damages to their roofs.

The weight of the snow alone on a roof can take a toll, but when the snow starts to melt as a result of sunlight, heat escaping attics, or poorly insulated ceilings, icicles start forming on the edges of roofs.

These ice dams are also dangerous for residents of the home because the icicles that form from the dams can become loose and fall.  A way to prevent these damages from occurring is to use a roof rake to remove the snow and reduce weight on your roof or use roof salt to melt the ice faster.

“There can be too much ice building up underneath, and then depending on the conditions of the roof, it could cause some issues because it weakens the roof substantially,” explained Jacob May, Assistant Manager of Aubuchon Hardware in St. Johnsbury.

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