St. Johnsbury Poetry

anthST. JOHNSBURY- The storytelling group, the Northeast Storytellers, doesn't just choose flowers and chocolates for their lovers. Instead, they choose special readings, with this years theme being love from the Victorian era.

The Northeast Storytellers is a group of writers and readers who meet regurlary the second Tuesday of every month from 2:00- 3:30pm for a Poetry Tea Party located at the Good Living Senior center in St. Johnsbury. The public is always encouraged to come, even if that means you just listen, reading is not required.

The group met at the St. Johnsbury Athenaeum, and this past Saturday their meeting's purpose was to read special Valentine's Day poems. "When I was a kid, Valentine's Day for me brings up memories of the little Valentines we used to give out at school, you know, grade school. And you want to get one from the cute girl" says Michael J. Farrand, A local member of the Northeast Storytellers.

But for other's, it's more about unity then a special occasion.

"It brings us together. All races, all kinds, all languages and if we can just be in peace with each other and realize that all of us are human, and we all have the same needs, then we can be a greater place to live" says Brooke Quillen, founder of Northeast Storytellers.

The Storytellers also organize events during April which is National Poetry Month. The events range from workshops to commemorations to open houses.  

Each year their is a different theme, this was the third year the group met to share their works with each other on a special day.

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