Driving Under The Influence

Vermont RoadsNortheast Kingdom: Driving is one of Americas finest transportations and biggest luxuries. a whole. However the people of Vermont have to be more careful and cautious. Driving under the influence is a big problem that the United States faces.


            New England as a whole is going more “green”, marijuana is on it’s way. Alcohol is another factor that has been in the in the case. It’s clear now that state and local officers have to pay more attention to under the influence driving. Getting a DUI is no joke it affects a lot of peoples lives. If caught driving under the influence drivers face a lot of penalties and heavy fines. The fines can range up from $750-$2500. First time offenders can lose there license for 90 days, second time offenders lose there license for 180 days and third time offenders lose it for life. 

            Officers have been making strides in the green mountain state. By using traffic stops and occasional checkpoints. Chief Jack Harris of the Lyndonville police had this to say “The best we can do is you know some people get irritated but minor motor vehicle stops is what leads us to it a lot of the time.” If a person shows signs of driving under the influence; then the cop has the right to ask them to take a variety of tests. If the person fails the test the officer can ask them to take a breathalyzer. If someone blows over .08% then they are under the influence. 
            It’s harder for police to know if drivers are driving high. If police catch a whiff of Marijuana then, they can question the driver and possibly search the car. If you are 21 and over you will get a ticket for having possession of marijuana. Chief Harris had this to say on marijuana tests “There are specially trained troopers and officers around the state that come in and do testing for under the influence of narcotics, they are called drug recognition experts.” They do the testing to see if a person is under the influence. Grants are being made to help officers with that training.
            Dr. Hale from Essex pediatrics had this to say on the effects of marijuana “It effects your brain in the frontal lobe.” When drugs effect the frontal lobe it impairs driving and makes the user slower to reactions.” Although the efforts continue to keep drivers from being under the influence. There is no sure way to know if the roads will ever be completely safe. 

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