Vermont Republicans Differ from the Rest


With the recent election of President Elect Trump, the view of some Republicans has been skewed. Vermont Republicans however are almost a different species compared to others around the country. 

"I consider myself a Republican because I believe in less government, low taxes, personal responsibility and individual liberty- all with an emphasis on a government that provides opportunity, not mandates." Caledonia Representative Joe Benning is just one Vermont Republican that did not agree with the election of Trump. 

" I did not vote for either major party candidate.  I did not vote for Clinton because I did not want to see the country moving in the direction she was taking us (which was contrary to the answer I gave up above).  I did not vote for Trump because I see him as a bully, a racist, a misogynist, ignorant regarding world affairs, boorish, immature and possibly bordering as being (from his own words) a sexual predator.  In short, he falls below my standard for human decency.  The election itself was a sad commentary on how our society has sunk with respect to its own government.  We were literally choosing from the least worst of the worst." 

Benning is not alone, many other Republicans felt this same way in the election showing how far Vermont Republicans beliefs are from other Republicans. 

In the Vermont election, Hillary Clinton was the overall winner but she was not elected overall in the country. For Governor Vermonters voted for the Republican choice Phil Scott. Who is clearly much different than Donald Trump. 

"I believe too many families and employers are on the economic edge. For them to thrive and our state to prosper we must revitalize the fundamentals of a strong, healthy economy that expands the middle class, lifts wages, and attracts working families, entrepreneurs and new jobs… It is time for Vermont to move forward" 

Scott believes in helping support smaller businesses rather than running a monopoly as Trump is. The difference between Vermont Republicans and Republicans is very wide. Vermont Republicans seem to care more about other people's well beings than Republicans like Trump.