Holiday Spirit for the Troops

vtsupportsST. JOHNSBURY - Locals are giving early this year, to those of us who are far from home. The Elks Club in Saint Johnsbury was home base for the annual VT Supports event this past Saturday. People from all over the NEK came together to send out care packages to our troops overseas.
People could pick out a box and fill it with all sorts of goodies, like cards and snacks. These care packages represented a little taste of home for the men and women serving our country overseas, and even people who did not have family or friends in the service were at the event to show their support.
This included 9-year-old Brooke Hale, who has been coming to pack boxes for the last three years. Even though Hale doesn't know anyone in the military, she still attends the event to show her support and compassion because "they're away from their homes and theyre not with their families for Christmas."
Besides little girls skipping their gymnastics classes, the event saw a lot of veterans as well. Denzil Whitehill is a Vietnam veteran, and has been coming to the event every year for around 8 years. Whitehillsaid that he decided to participate in the event because he knows how lonely it can be during the holidays, "I was lucky to even get a card."
Whitehill was inspired this year, especially by the younger generations interest in supporting their troops, like Hale and her friends. The event means so much to so many people, and this year, VT Supports will be sending out close to 600 care packages full of holiday spirit to our troops.