Berlack's Honorary Building

berlackBurke- After years of planning The Ronnie Berlack Center at Burke Mountain Academy is finally near completion.  In previous years students at Burke Mountain Academy have used an outdoor gym and needed an upgrade according to Darrell Gray of the academy.


  “The conversation went something like this is enough with the outdoor gym we need an indoor space,” Gray said.  “The idea was for five months of the year we’re out on the mountain but rarely would we be able to get all the students to work out together.

The Center will serve 65 students that attend the academy.  Gray also went on to say that he hopes they can incorporate the indoor gym to the mountain.

“I would say for sure we’re looking to how we can involve the mountain in terms of training on the hill,” said Gray.  

The name for the new space has special meaning behind it. The 4,700 square foot facility is named after former BMA graduate Ronnie Berlack who died as a result of an avalanche while skiing in Austria.  Ronnie’s father Steve is honored to have this with Ronnie’s name.  

“He would certainly be honored to have a facility like this named in his honor,” Berlack’s father said.  “Ronnie was all about the program.  He was a real gym rat and that’s the purpose of this building to perpetuate that life style.”  

The grand opening of the Ronnie Berlack Center will be held on Saturday December 17th.