A Different Outlook

the rehab processDrugs are one of the most addicting substances on the earth. Humans have been using drugs some for good reasons and some for all the wrong reasons. In most cases people take drugs to get rid of all the daily stress of everyday life. However sometimes this stress just becomes worse and worse. This is what leads people to addiction, which makes it hard to stop.


People can go to jail for overdosing, just because they have possession of the drug. Sometimes even first time users go to jail for a long time for first offenses it depends on the task force. Nationally Police have been trying to find a way to control and crackdown on drugs, so that they will not spread. Even with all the Government funding on anti-drug ads and more law enforcement. The Government alone in 2013 spent 1.3 billion dollars just on anti-drug ads. 

The United States has been debating on sending drug offenders to rehab instead of prison. The question is will it be more expensive or less expensive. according to CBS to incarcerate a prisoner, it costs the state 50,000 dollars a year. The issue with this is nobody knows the cost of how much rehab would be. Because there are so many different programs one could take. Rehab also is not a guaranteed success. There have been talks that jail isn’t a success either. Officer Chad Grant of the St. Johnsbury Police Department had this to say “I think the problem is that they don’t necessarily always follow through with the programs, so you kinda need the other system that’s already in place to kinda back that up".

What makes this topic more interesting is how the Police handle these situations. Especially with peoples well beings on the line. Because of possible overdoses or other inclinations police have to carefully recognize the persons behavior. Police try to recognize the difference between an occasional user and an addict. How they know this is by the persons personal records and list of offenses. Chief Jack Harris of the Lyndonville Police Department had this to say. “It's handled in two different ways if it's a mere drug user who were dealing with on a daily basis, they have a possession of narcotics on them. At that point it would be a criminal thing so they would have to go through the court system."

Officer Grant also noted “I’ve definitely  responded to multiple overdoses, it's definitely a problem in this area”. Drug usage in the Northeast Kingdom is definitely prevalent. Both departments deal with overdoses and drugs daily and are trying to rack down on the matter. The fight against drugs will never be over and only time can tell what will happen in the Northeast Kingdom.