A Donated Thanksgiving

Lyndon Food ShelfAROUND THE NEK – With the holiday season right around the corner, local food shelves are doing what they can in order to help feed people. From the Lyndon Food Shelf to the Mustard Seed Soup Kitchen, both organizations are helping individuals and families get meals.

 This Saturday, the Lyndon Food Shelf is handing out over 90 Thanksgiving boxes containing meats, potatoes, and fruits. Debbie Minor is the manager of the Lyndon Food Shelf, and understands the importance of helping people at this time of year. “It was one of my earliest Thanksgiving’s, they have to call me to confirm that they got their letter, and she was almost crying on the phone. She thanked me.”

Director of The Mustard Seed Soup Kitchen, Frank Rothe, sees wide changes in the number of people needing help. “It varies anywhere from 50 to 120, depending on the time of the month and month of the year.”

Both Minor and Rothe have a consistent group of volunteers throughout the year. “I have about six or seven regular ones with me every week, and without them, we couldn’t do what we do,” said Minor. The volunteers understand it’s important to help each other out, especially during the holiday season.

According to Minor, the Food Shelf gets most of its donations around the holidays; however, they’re always accepting anything people can contribute—whether it be one dollar or more.

What's Coming Up At 5:30

What's Coming Up Tonight at 5:30

Town Meeting Day Preview 

As Town Meeting Day approaches the Town of St. Johnsbury could see an uptick in the general budget for next year. 

St. Johnsbury Academy got there art award

St.Johnsbury Academy students have been awarded with their art work and will be going to Brattleboro for their competition Saturday. 

National Caregivers Day 

Visited the Norris Cotton Cancer to talk with some employees regarding National Caregivers Day.