Northeast Kingdom Trumped?

AROUND THE NEK - The 2016 Presidential Election was one of the most speculated in recent history. Vermont is mostly known as a democratic state; however, not every county in Vermont was “all" about Hillary Clinton. 56 percent of of Vermont voters went and voted for Hillary while Trump had 30 percent. That was not the case in the Northeast Kingdom as Trump defeated Hillary.  
Reasons for Trumps support are clear in the eyes for some locals. The constant stress of the state having under employment and unemployment workers hurts the locals of the Northeast Kingdom, believe that Trump can boost the economy and increase jobs. Not everyone agrees with all these ideas, though.
Howard Frank Mosher, an anti-Trump advocate, talked to Seven Days. “The great problem we are facing and have been for decades is unemployment and underemployment. People are desperate and feel almost any change has got to be an improvement. I also think people join the kingdom are notoriously independent-minded, and they pride themselves, almost to the point of self delusion, on that. The idea of a candidate who had none of the establishment support delighted them.” Mosher says. Not everyone had this same view on Trump's presidency. A lot of people aren’t happy that Trump won 50% of the counties total coverage area vote.
Republican state senator Joe Benning stated, “He has the ability to appoint people various positions. Which will either smooth rough waters or will create a tempest and a teapot depending on who he appoints to those positions. And I think it will be incumbent upon him to demonstrate a level of maturity and knowledge. That hasn’t frankly been there during the campaign.
Trump will begin his presidency January 20th in Washington D.C .

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