Buck Hunting Season

hunting seasonAROUND THE NEK - Hunting season in Vermont officially began last Saturday, and the state encourages hunters to be safe. The Vermont Fish and Wildlife has regulations on their website to help protect the wildlife.


November Rifle Season lasts from November 12-27. The state allows only one legal buck with at least one antler this season, and hunters are allowed no more than three deer per year.

Nearly 65,000 resident hunters in Vermont hunt deer at some pout during the fall. According to the Fish and Wild Life website, the state of Vermont has the most deer taken per square mile than any other state in New England.

One important step to remember when going hunting, is to provide a tooth from the buck, regardless of the size or age. The Department of Fish and Wildlife this from successful rifle season hunters so they can accurately age the deer, and provide critical information for managing the state's deer herd.

"Vermont's deer herd is managed to minimize winter mortality and to improve both herd and forest health," states the Fish and Wildlife website. The site also states "bucks-only" hunting for years only resulted in the herd either booming or crashing.

Hunters are also reminded to be safe when they are hunting. "Be sure of your backstop when you are going to fire," said hunting safety instructor, Linwood Smith. "Try to time it so you shoot into a bank, which is better than letting the bullet go anywhere."

Muzzleloader is the next season, from December 3-11, which hunters are only allowed one legal buck, unless they have an antler less permit.


Buck Hunting Season from NewsLINC on Vimeo.