NEK Celebrates Veterans

Veterans DayAROUND THE NEK - For this year to celebrate Veteran's Day, towns all over the Northeast Kingdom took the time to honor those who served in the United State's military.

Parades and ceremonies were held in both Lyndon and St. Johnsbury despite the cold temperatures and rainy conditions. Two events took place in Lyndon; one at Lyndon State, and another at the memorial park in downtown Lyndonville.

"It shouldn't just be a days worth that we stop and we thank everyone" says Joel Gracio, a veteran and life member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

Lyndonville's ceremony was hosted by the American Legion, and had veterans and members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars group spoke about their appreciation for this holiday and what it means to them. Many schools attended, including Lyndon's Thaddeus Steven's school as well as the Riverside school.

"Bringing my students to actually hear Veterans talk about the issues that matter to them is far more important to students then reading about it in a book" says Riverside school teacher and Director of co-correcular program, Neila Rath.

Meanwhile, Lyndon State College honored their veterans by placing a new plaque in their Veterans Park. The plaque honors the current vet's attending Lyndon State College.

"A thing that's important to remember is that we volunteer for it. So regardless of you know, whether you're sitting behind a desk doing paper work or if you're fighting on the front line, you are making a sacrifice" says veteran Matthew Peters.

St. Johnsbury kicked off their Veterans Day event with a parade and ceremony. Both taking place at the St. Johnsbury courthouse. Over fifty people attended the event, and paid tribute as Veterans took the stage to recognize all those who served.

West Point cadet Morgan Hall attended the event to watch his cousin speak. Hall says his reason for attending is "it's placed upon us at West Point that you really need to honor everyone, not just because they're veterans but especially those who have fought for our freedom and everything we have."

Although these communities hosted their own events, the message in each was clear, each community supports and respects their veterans.