NH vs. VT Voting

handAROUND THE NEK -While New Hampshire and Vermont are right next to each other on the map, theyre voting laws are very different.


One of the main differences is that Vermont allows convicted fellons to vote, which includes the ones currently in prison. In New Hampshire, convicted fellons cannot vote until their sentence is either suspended or parolled.

Another major difference is Vermont allows early voting and New Hapshire deos not. However New Hampshire does allow its residents to cast absentee ballots. While absentee ballots are a vital part of voting, early voting encourages more people to come out and vote. For those that cannot vote durring the normal time for whatever reason, early voting allows their voice to be heard.

New Hampshire's newest rule also opens up the door for even more voters according to Monroe, New Hampshire town clerk Marilyn Bedell. "If a 17 year old knows they're going to have a birthday before the date of the election, it can be for town meeting too. They can come in and register early and be on the supervisor's check list. (and) As long as they turn 18 by the time of the election, they can vote."

The main thing the two states do have in common is that they both use two types of ballots. They use the tradiational paper ballots which are hand counted, and also a accuvite counting system which also uses a paper ballot. The difference between the two is the accuvite system gets counted through a machine rather than by people.