NEK Aquatics

swimAROUND THE NEK - The Northeast Kingdom Aquatics has jumped into the pool right here at Lyndon State College. The team members range from all over the NEK, but have come together to form one unified USA swim team.


“Lyndon State College, by far, has one of the nicest pool facilities, so we’re absolutely so lucky to be able to train here and practice here”, said the swim team administrator Julie Tower-Pierce.

NEK Aquatics, a non-profit organization, moved to the Lyndon facilities roughly four years ago when their old pool was shut down. They hold their practices three times a week and compete anywhere from 8-10 times a season. The organization encourages all age groups and experience levels to come and participate.

The new location helps more people come out to join the fun. “It’s really in the heart of the Northeast Kingdom. It’s like a central location. A lot of parents are used to driving really far to bring their kids to hockey… to gymnastics," says Tower-Pierce.

The move from the old pool, proved to decrease the number of swimmers in the NEK Aquatics, but slowly, they are starting to regain traction. “I would love to see more swimmers in the area… we started in September with just a handful of kids and in one month’s time we’ve already grown to 16 swimmers”, explained Tower-Pierce.

Swim coach, Brianna Paquette, believes that swimming can help children in other aspects of life as well. “Other than a great source of physical activity, there’s a lot of camaraderie on the team. We try to do our best to make practices fun and help build them athletically to be stronger swimmers. Helps with their math skills trying to figure out all their times and count all the laps in the pool”, said Paquette.

Learning these types of skills at a young age can be essential to a  child’s development. “This is a life long sport. Something that kids get the swimming confidence at a young age… they learn the fundamentals… they become strong swimmers”, said Tower-Pierce.

The coaching staff finds just as much enjoyment in the practices and meets as the kids do. “I like it. I have fun. It makes me feel young again. Like all these kids get so excited to swim in all the races and come out. So for me it’s fun to see them grow and get better," said Coach Paquette.

Registration for the team will stay open and can be found at