Marty Feltus

martyMarty Feltus has been staying in the loop around Lyndonville for the past 40 years. A lot of people know Feltus from all of over the community some as friends. Others know Feltus because she’s a state legislator.

 Feltus was part of the appropriations committee, a term lasts 4 months, legislators meet with assembly and committee members. The meetings take place at the house in Montpelier Vermont. These members are vital to the political system in Vermont. As a legislator you work with the Governor and as a group you form a budget. The budget will have to go through changes before it is approved. Feltus is up for re-election to be legistlator her current position this year on November 8th. Marty is also an avid coffee drinker who likes to spend her morning at the grindstone cafe. so if you ever want to say hey she will be there.

Marty originally grew up in Oklahoma. She then attended the university of beloit college in Wisconsin. She then met her husband at college he was from massachusettes. After school they lived in massachusets, and later moved to California. Marty enjoys the county fair “The County fair is an important thing when my children were at home they would go to the outing club that was a cool place or powers park.” she also has been a fan of going to the showcases. and she especially looks forward to the christmas craft fairs. Patrick Seymour who is running for legislator. Has even stated that “Marty is a better speaker in front of the people she doesn’t get to detailed so she can usually capture peoples attention.” Patrick is a respectable opponent of felts would rather them, stay friends and would like to learn from what Marty and Dick are doing. Marty is up for re-election November 8th.



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