Youth Hunters Take Aim

deerhuntingAround the NEK- Young hunters will have an opportunity to show off their skills if they see a deer this weekend.  November 5th and 6th, young hunters can take the field for Annual Youth Deer Weekend. 

The event starts one week before opening weekend of regular firearm season.  In order to participate in the event you must be at least 15 years of age or younger.  Also, you need to have an unarmed adult with you who holds a valid Vermont hunting license and is over 18 years old.  

Hunters will be given the chance to help the Fish and Wildlife Department by reporting deer at one of their 24 locations this upcoming weekend.  Fish and Wildlife will also be there to offer tips to the kids to ensure the quality training that they will need for lifelong participation.  Local Hunter, Linwood Smith, has a few tips for youth hunters on spotting a deer.

“Blackberries and they go to blackberry places and and they also like corn believe it or not,” Smith said.  “So a lot of people go to the corn fields and get them on the way out, that’s some of the little tricks they do.”

According to the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Departments website there are some limits and things you need to know.  There is a limit of shooting one deer, male or female.  If you were to shoot a deer it would count to your season limit of three.  

You must be with an adult 18 years or older and have direct control and supervision the whole time.  Including the ability to see and communicate with the youth hunter with devices like a radio or binoculars.