News Website Sues State Over EB-5

vt2The EB-5 saga continues in Vermont as one news website is suing the State.

Vermont Digger is claiming the state wrongly denied access to seven days worth of communication that happened in August. The documents that VT Digger are asking for are allegedly between The Agency of Commerce, Community Development, and The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

This all stems from the "Ponzi-like" scheme that happened at Q-Burke Mountain Resort, which has since been changed to Burke Mountain Resort. Now, VT Digger and residents want more information about how much the state actually knew about the alleged fraud.

While asking questions and looking for the answers that Vermonters and residents of the Northeast Kingdom, reporter Anne Galloway hit some road blocks from the state. After being unsucessessful at getting the information she decided to sue the state.

The complaint was filed by Anne Galloway, who has been working on the story for over two years. She is looking for the documents that she feels will reveal information from a federal review of the states EB-5 program.

"The state is not a defendant in any lawsuit. They are a litigant. The state is shining Ariel Quieros and Bill Stenger, the developers and I don't see why they would be despising state officials as part of that case," Anne Galloway said.

She is confused why the state would cover up this information. However, she said she is just doing her job and believes there is an overreach of power by no releasing the documents.

We are still waiting to hear from Bill Sorrell for comment on the lawsuit.