A Taste Of Korea

NORTHKOREAUSETHISONERUTLAND - According to the Pentagon, last Saturday North Korea test fired yet another ballistic missile. Although it was reported to be a failed launch, international tensions between the United States and North Korea are on the rise. We took a look back in history through the eyes of a Korean War hero to see what we could learn from history.

 We interviewed retired Command Sergeant Major George Bates last Sunday. Sergeant Major Bates spent most of his military career with the Vermont Army National Guard, but began his years of service far away in East Asia during the Korean War of the early 1950's. There he fought courageously against both the North Korean Communists and the massive Red Chinese Army.

"I went in at 18 years old, I ended up in Korea at 19 years old, and I spent the whole year there, 'are you afraid?', 'are you scared?' You know, at the time you do what you have to do. and I guess I was that type of guy that if it had to be done and I was one of them guys, I'm gonna do it."

Today, we are yet again facing a global military threat from these two former foes. North Korea has developed nuclear weapons and the missiles needed to carry them to Japan and other Pacific targets. North Korea is tirelessly working to develop missiles capable of dangerous military aggression.

"Kim Jong-Un is trying to flex his big muscles and he's sending off these rockets every now and then, and one of his people or himself said that they'll get a missile that will hit the U.S.  But that's talk, you know? And I'm sure our country is well aware of that. And we have ships out there, My personal feeling is that if they send out a missile we'll knock it out of the sky, hopefully."

China is also expanding it's military capabilities worldwide in a highly aggressive manner. They have built manmade island bases in the South China Sea, and use them to intimidate their East Asian neighbors and threaten international shipping lanes.
"The Chinese were fierce fighters. When the Chinese came in we had to start moving backwards. It was fighting in a different direction. In 1953, they finally came to a conclusion to stop the fighting but they only settled, they did not sign a peace treaty. They only signed an agreement to stop the fighting. So in essence we could still be at war with North Korea."