New Bike Lane in Burke

BURKE BIKE LANEBURKE - Due to safety concerns, the town of Burke and Kingdom Trails are working together to bring in funding for a new bike lane on East Darling Hill Road. The lane plans are already underway and the owner is happy his customers will be safer.

 Owner of Kingdom Trails Tim Tierny is looking out for his customers and the people traveling on the roadways. "We've known for years that as we grow here in East Burke and our mountain bike visits grow, that our main access to our trails is this very narrow road," he said. "It's become an issue. You know, it's an issue on both ends. It's safety, experience, also for the locals-- they don't want to hurt anybody. We know that we need a couple of solutions."

There has never been any incidents, but the town and Tierny are being proactive. "If you saw the situation, there's an incident going to happen," he said. "It's inevitable." 

These things do happen. According to the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center, since 2001 the number of bicyclist deaths have been more than 700 deaths per year in the U.S. and 29% of around 50,000 injuries per year are caused from cyclists being hit by a car. These deaths and injuries are costing the nation over $4 billion annually.

The grant is for $60,000 to widen the road to add the bike lane. The grant application has been approved and Tierny says the town has been very supportive. However, he said that it's a couple years out before any construction will begin. In the meantime, he'll be thinking of ways to increase safety for all on East Darling Hill Road.