RCT Recieves Grant

RCTNORTHEAST KINGDOM - With the help of a projected 50 thousand dollar grant, the Rural Community Transit is making strides to improve accessibility to commuters. With the business of a community transit constantly picking up, the grant coming in from the United States Department of Agriculture will help riders and bus drivers connect easier.

“We need RCT to get people to and from work in the area, we need RCT to get people to and from doctors appointments, we need RCT to get people to regular appointments of their daily lives,” says Ted Brady, the State Director of USDA Rural Development Vermont and New Hampshire.

The abilty to give people the option of taking public transport poses a bigger issue in rural areas as opposed to a city setting. This is one of the reasons RCT has been working hard to receive this type of grant. Operations and Safety Manager David Towl explains, “We’ve been working on this grant for about a year, and we were hopeful that we would get it and luckily we did get it.”

The money received from the grant will be put towards an application for phones that will allow passengers to track the location of buses as well as request for a ride. This will enable passengers to send a request to the driver for a pick up, and they can even be picked up at requested locations off the normal route.

Lyndon resident Donna Vivier is excited about the new availability. “It will be helpful to know where they are when they’re coming and so on and so forth,” says Vivier.

The RCT as well as Rural Development hopes that this “pilot grant” will help revolutionize the public transit industry in the area.

“Eventually much like Uber or Bridge and some of these ride sharing organizations in really urban areas, we are trying to see if we can move that way in rural area,” Brady said.

This grant will help speed up the process of bringing buses to those who need them.