Get Out the Vote

GetOuttheVOTEAROUND THE NEK – As we all know, this year is a Presidential Election year but it is also time for the next local and state government races to be determined. In Vermont, early voting for the 2016 general election began on Friday, September 23rd.



Any registered Vermont voter is able to request a ballot from their town clerk by phone, mail, or online which will allow them to cast their vote for the November 8th election. Residents in Vermont who would like to request a ballot to vote early can connect with their town clerks or by visiting the Secretary of State’s website at:


The Vermont Secretary of State’s office is putting together a “Get Out the Vote” campaign which Secretary Condos wouldn’t necessarily classify it as a campaign but more so an overall effort to improve the voter participation and voter turnout in the state of Vermont. “I’d love to have 100% of eligible Vermonters being able to cast their ballot and have their voice heard,” says Condos.

Since it is a Presidential Election Year, Condos says that these campaigns for President are a lot more higher profiled, there’s more media coverage and advertising involved versus State and Local races. Also, the Presidential races have become much longer nowadays than they were decades ago.

Vermont’s Secretary of State’s office with this awareness is looking to all eligible voters in Vermont to be able to cast their ballots as far as who they are looking to target. There’s a website for each registered voter with voting information, at this link; “It’s a personal page with your personal data, it tells you where your polling place will be, includes a google map if you wanna map on how to get there, issue your town clerk contact information and location, you can actually pull up a sample ballot so you can see what your ballot will be and you can actually request an early vote ballot as well,” Condos describing the My Voter Page website.

The registration deadline for the general election on November 8th  2016 is slated for Wednesday, November 2nd at 5:00pm.