Counterfeit Money

counterfeit billsAROUND THE NEK - A court date has been set for a man who was found using counterfeit bills at the Saint Johnsbury Family Dollar on Railroad Street. Our reporter Alex Paduch, who died in a fatal car accident early Tuesday morning, covered a story on different ways to catch a counterfeit bill - one of his last stories, for our news station.

The man responsible for the crime has been identified as Donald Burbo, a 25 years old Saint Johnsbury resident. Burbo will appear in court November 7th, for knowingly exchanging counterfeit money.

Counterfeit bills are a common problem among the United States. According to the U.S Department of Treasury, nearly 70 million counterfeit bills are in circulation, with about 60 percent of those bills being abroad. However, for businesses in the area struggling to identify a bill that’s real versus fake, Passumpsic savings bank in Saint Johnsbury says there are all sorts of ways.

“The U.S. currency website actually has a resource tab. There’s short video that will help banks and merchants on how to identify counterfeit currency,” says Pamela Anderson, who works at the bank. “The bills all now have a security threat built into the paper, as well as water marks, so when you hold them up to the light you’re able to see a water mark.”

However, even if none of those tricks work, the texture of the bill can also give away it’s authenticity.

“There’s actual special paper that’s used so the feel of the bill definitely does not feel like photocopy paper. Many times a counterfeit bill will feel like copy paper.” says Anderson.

A reporter who our station lost earlier this week, Alex Paduch, covered this story. Paduch had a strong presence in our newsroom and would have wanted to expand this story as more information was released. Paduch was a Massachusetts resident who attended Lyndon State College as an Electronic Journalism Arts student. His wake will be held Friday in Lakeville, Massachusetts from 4-8pm, and his funeral service will held Saturday in Middleborough, Massachusetts at 10am.

Paduch will be dearly missed by our department, and we feel blessed to have shared his wisdom in the newsroom.