Sanders says Earth Day is a Wake-Up Call

SandersVERMONT- Vermont state Sen. Bernie Sanders, said that Earth Day is a reminder that dramatic action is needed to curb the carbon and methane emissions responsible for the crisis of global warming. Sanders has introduced two new bills that could help cut the emission of greenhouse gases.

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The Future of Vermont’s Trash

nekwasteVERMONT-Vermont is known for being one of the “greenest states” in the U.S. but we didn’t get that title from our rolling green hills. It’s our eco-friendly state of mind that puts us high in the ranking, and the state has plans to continue upholding its environmental responsibilities well into the future.

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Commute Times Delayed Due To Construction

highway constructionVERMONT- With the spring time upon us construction throughout the state has resumed. For the next few months there will be extensive work on almost every local state road and highway. 

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F-35s Coming to Burlington

F-35.jpgVERMONT - Don't be surprised to see F-35's landing at Burlington National Airport in the near future. The United States military and government have decided to make these jet fighters native to Vermont. These planes will arrive in the year 2020. Right now they are being tested to make sure that they are ready to fly, problem-free.

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Weakening Ice

weakening iceVERMONT - Spring time has finally arrived and that means one thing, the sun is out and it is getting warmer. What does this mean for winter enthusiasts?

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Stun Gun Standards

stun gunsVERMONT - The Vermont House has given preliminary approval to bill H.225 that would create statewide standards on electronic stun gun use by police. Yesterday, News7 reporter John Kazar spoke with a St. Johnsbury senior officer who has used his stun gun while on patrol.

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Money Problems

money problemsVERMONT - Although the state's minimum wage is above the federal law, Vermonters still struggle to make ends meet.

With minimum wage set at $8.73, Vermonters devote much of their pay to taxes and rising prices in other areas, such as gas prices, local taxes (due to results from Town Meeting Day) and general expenses that are always rising, such as high school and college tuition.

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Veteran Bill Benefits

veterans_going_to_school.jpgVERMONT - Senator Bernie Sanders has just recently created a Veterans Bill that assist veterans via it's many benefits. One of these benefits is healthcare, which will help get the treatment they need as quickly as possible.

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10th Annual Ice Fishing Derby

ice fishingWESTMORE- The 10th Annual Ice Fishing Derby has officially started today. The tournament will take place until 12 p.m. on Sunday, February 16. The registration fee is $30 and all fishermen must have a valid Vermont fishing license.

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Vermont State Police Holiday Enforcement

holidayenforcementVERMONT- The Vermont State Police is beginning their newest holiday campaign today. The operation has a goal of enforcing and reducing the number of DUIs and accidents related to them throughout the holiday season.

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Stifle the Sniffles

cold preventionVERMONT - It's that time of year once again. The time for sniffles, sneezes, and coughing - everything having to do with the common cold. While there are some people who think it is inevitable to contract the cold, there are some ways to lessen your chances, or even prevent getting the virus.

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Defeating The Winter Blues

sadVERMONT - With the first few days of snowfall in the books, Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, can start to take its toll on some people. SAD is defined as depression assosicated with late autumn and winter months of the year, and is not fully known to the general public.

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Town Lister Position Open

barnet selectboardVERMONT- A recent resignation has left the town of Barnet without a Town Lister. Now, they are on the hunt for a replacement.

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Universal Healthcare In Works for Vermont

universal healthcareVERMONT- A new plan in the making for 2017 will make Vermont the first state in the nation to implement a universal health care system. The idea for the plan is already in place, and is being worked on to be put to vote in 2016, and activated sometime in 2017.

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Sodexo Benefit Changes Delayed

sodexoVERMONT - Sodexo announced earlier this year their plans to change their definition of a full-time employee due to the federal Affordable Care Act. However, those plans have been thwarted. University of Vermont President Thomas Sullivan made an announcement Friday, saying that Sodexo's benefit changes have been delayed.

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A Petition They Can't Afford

sodexoVERMONT- The petition from the Vermont State College's aimed towards getting their employees of the Sodexo food industry proper benefits already has over 300 signatures.

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National Farm to School Month

farmtoschoolVERMONT- October is national Farm to School Month, informing students about the healthy benefits of eating local food, while helping our community farmers. This month was established in 2010 when the U.S. House of Representatives wanted to recognize the important role local farms play in promoting healthy living, while at the same time benefiting the states economy.

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LGBTVERMONT- recently rated Vermont as one of the best places to live and work for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender residents; also known as L-G-B-T.Federal Law does not protect L-G-B-T people in the work environment, but discrimination has faded as more companies are becoming accepting.

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2013 Flu Season

flu shotVERMONT - In 2010, millions of people in the United States contracted the flu virus. It was recorded as one of the worst breakouts in 40 years. This year health officials want more people to get their flu shots so that this virus can be controlled.

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Green Up Vermont

greenupdayVERMONT - Over the weekend thousands of volunteers both young and old grabbed their green bags and turned out to participate in the 43rd annual Vermont Green Up Day.

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Norrie's Statement in O'Hagan Case Useable

norrieVERMONT - Statements made by a man who may be connected to the Mary Pat O'Hagan Murder case, will now be admissible in court. Michael Norrie has plead not guilty to two federal indictments, both regarding weapons. Neither weapons case is connected to the O'Hagan case.

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Special Olympians Shred the Mountain

special olyimpics

WOODSTOCK - Special Olympians are special both in name and in character. Yes, it's a competition, and yes, medals are awarded, but for these athletes, the games aren't about competition; they're about camaraderie.

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Death With Dignity or Assisted Suicide?

bill77MONTPELIER - The Vermont Senate will continue to debate a bill that would allow Vermonters to play a roll in ending their lives.

After debates in the senate the motion passed with tie of fifteen votes ya and fifteen votes nay, with the president of the senate breaking the tie voting in favor of the bill.

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Flu Vaccination Concerns Vermonters

flu shot rebeccaVERMONT - Influenza, commonly known as the flu, is caused by viruses that affect and infect the throat, nose, and lungs. Influenza is spread through the air by coughing and sneezing.

In the northern hemisphere, flu season peaks in February, but can begin as early as October.

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Phil Scott Hits the Open Road

Phil Scott Campaign RideST. JOHNSBURY - Lieutenant Governor Phil Scott hit the road to continue campaigning. Scott is not doing your conventional meet and greets and then getting back in his car. He is riding all over the state on his bicycle. 

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