Earth Day Rally for Science

Statehouse ShotVERMONT - The Trump Administration has released their proposed budget for 2018, and many are a little distraught over some of the budget cuts he has planned. One of the biggest cuts could go straight for the Environmental Protection Agency, which could effect many science-based organizations.

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Potential Tobacco Age Change

Tobacco 2

VERMONT- A topic of discussion, which made its appearance last month, is making its way back to the forefront. Advocates are continuing to push lawmakers to change the age in purchasing and selling tobacco from eighteen to twenty-one. 

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Grants for Farmers

sweetcowVERMONT- There are many different types of farms in Vermont, some in which raise and butcher cattle, others produce dairy products and some that strictly grow vegetables and herbs. When it comes to farming there are many rules and regulations that need to be put into place to ensure safety and quality of the products.

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Sanders to Work on Healthcare Plan

Sanders DelegationHARDWICK - Over the weekend, members of Vermont's Congressional Delegation gathered at the Hazen Union School in Hardwick to discuss what has been going on in Washington DC.  Senator Bernie Sanders, Senator Patrick Leahy, and Representative Peter Welch all attended to speak and answer questions.  One of the major topics discussed was proposed changes to the Affordable Health Care Act (Obama-Care).

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Vermont Flood Safety

bridge workVERMONT - According to the National Weather Service and Emergency Management Agencies in Vermont, March 13th through 17th is Flood Safety Awareness week.  Members of the weather service go to various locations across the state to gather information to help identify lakes and rivers that are flood prone. 

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Sweet Cow Yogurt

SCYNEWBURY - A Vermont business had to recently rebrand all of their products due to a name change. a small Newbury based dairy farm, formerly known as Green Mountain Yogurt to Sweet Cow Yogurt. 

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New Railroad Facility

newrailroadfacilityBARTON - As of January 2016, a new rail stop was created in the town of Barton for their freight trains.The Washington Railway now has a new facility thanks to Couture Trucking and the Craft Brewing Industry.  On Thursday, December 8th, the Vermont Rail System and Couture Trucking cohosted an event to talk about their recent success.

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Vermont Speaker Race

speakerraceVERMONT - In 2017, when the Vermont Legislature adjoins in its new legislative session beginning in early January, they will be faced with the decision to select the new Speaker of the House, replacing current Speaker, Shap Smith. Shap Smith has been Vermont's Speaker of the House since 2009 and has been re-elected as speaker three times, in 2011, 2013 and 2015 and is not running again in 2017.

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Ash Borer Bug Threat

ashborerbugVERMONT - Currently, a serious, dangerous and intrusive beetle surrounds all of Vermont’s borders. The Emerald Ash Borer or EAB is a Green Jewel Beetle native to the Asian countries of China, Japan, Korea, and along with the Eastern portions of Russia. 


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Obamacare Uncertainty

acalogoVERMONT - This contentious election season brought out issues ranging from Obamacare, immigration, climate change, the conflict in Syria and how to fix the Economy, just to name a few.  Obamacare, or the Affordable Care Act, has been quite the issue that was raised during this election term. President Elect, Donald Trump, has said countless times that he will repeal the Affordable Care Act.

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Willoughby Gets New Ski Trails

BackCountry2WESTMORE - Back country skiers will soon have some new trails this upcoming winter. A meeting was held in Burke to discuss the creation of a back-country ski zone in the Willoughby State Forest. However, this upcoming season, only a small portion of the selected ski zones located on the South side of Mount Hor will be open to ski.

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Vermont Attorney General Transition

williamsorrellVermont - Election Day was this past Tuesday, November eighth and voters got the chance to vote for their next National, State and Local candidates. In Vermont, for the first time in two decades, there is a new Attorney General. T.J. Donovan won the race on Tuesday night after his Republican Rival Deb Bucknam conceded on Election night.

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Act 80 Training

ACT 80 docsVERMONT - Across the State of Vermont, law enforcement officers are provided training to help them incase they are responding to a situation where there is a person with mental health or cognation development issues.

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Energy Planning Standards Issued

energyplanningstdsVERMONT - The Vermont Department of Public Service issued a public review draft of energy planning determination standards and recommendations called for in Act 174, the state's Energy Development Improvement Act on September 26th, 2016.

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Raising Vermont Voices

Zuckerman Raising Vermont VoicesLYNDONVILLE - Tired of the two party system? Many students across Vermont feel this way, and today in the Moore Community room on Lyndon State College's campus, students and professors were encouraged to share their opinions and ask questions of Lieutenant Governor hopeful, David Zuckerman.

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GMO Labeling Law Causes Controversy

cropVermont-Companies that use genetic engineering to produce food, and then sell that food to consumers in the Green Mountain State have less than two months to start labeling those products. Carolyn Partridge, who is the chair for the state's Agriculture Committee, says this will allow consumers to make knowledge-based decisions.

¨I think people will just have the option to know what's in their food and make a decision as towards if they want to consume those products or not, Partridge said.

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Behind The Vermont State Lottery

ticketsVermont- Vermonters purchase close to $112 million dollars worth of lottery tickets annually, and many may be wondering where does the money go? Our news seven reporter Ryan Jenot spoke with the director of the Vermont lottery to answer those questions.

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Cabot Farms Feature

CabotVERMONT-- Visitors who come to this state usually have a bucket list that consists of visiting Stowe, The Von Trapp Lodge, Burlington, Jay Peak and Burke, Ben and Jerry's and of course Cabot Creamery. Even though Cabot is a well-known business many people may still not know certain things about Cabot and how their relationship with the farms really works. 

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Vermont Restaurant Week

restaruant weekVERMONT- Vermont Restaurant Week began April 22 and goes through May 1. The 10 day event brings much more to the table than food as a portion of the profits from select restaurants are donated to The Vermont Food Bank.

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20-million Grant To Improve Lake Champlain

champlainVermont- Scientist from many of the Vermont state colleges, including Lyndon State, will partake in a research study on lake champlain to learn how the climate is changing. The team of researchers will be operating under a 20 million dollar grant from the Nation Science Foundation, to conduct studies to find out what makes major water basins, such as lake champlain resilient to extreme weather. 

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Potenial Privacy Act Discussed at Legistlative Breakfast

joebenningVERMONT- Matters were brought up such as Marijuana Legislation and the current hot spot EB-5 Funding at the Legislative Breakfast, but another controversial topic came into play: the discussion about the Privacy Act, Bill S. 18.
This bill was introduced by Senator Tim Ashe and Senator Joe Benning, and was read for the first time on January 14th, 2015.

"We have one thing we're really working on and that is the Privacy Protection Act, we've got to get that out there." said Marcia Martel a Representative from Caledonia County.
Currently, there are no specific laws requiring the protection of citizens' privacy, excluding the fact that a warrant must be obtained in order for officials to access your phone records. Other than that, residents' personal lives-- medical records, e-mails, text messages, social media networks, and driving records obtained by license plate readers on cop cars-- are pretty transparent in the eyes of the government. But Benning and Ashe are trying to change that with the introduction of Bill S.18

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A Day as a Lobbyist

VT StatehouseMontpelier- Lawmakers in Vermont are missing something other states have. That is having a staff all of their own. Due to that, lawmakers must work closely with a group of people that are paid by companies to represent their interests in Montpelier.

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Separation of Power: Recycling

recycling 2NORTHEAST KINGDOM- The Northeast Kingdom Waste Management District is a power house in recycling across the Northeast region of Vermont. So what factors allow one local town to successfully recycle without being part of the district?

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Better Safe Than Sorry

fire pic

VERMONT- Only four months into 2016, five Vermonters have been killed in fires, and two have died from carbon monoxide poisoning. These statistics are urging state officials to make sure residents are taking measures to protect themselves.

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Stenger, Quiros Face Fraud Charges

burke moutainVERMONT – Fraud charges and an asset freeze against Ariel Quiros and Bill Stenger were announced Thursday by the Securities and Exchange Commission after the case was unsealed in a federal court in Miami.  Governor Shumlin, Department of Financial Regulation (DFR) Commissioner Susan Donegan, Attorney General William Sorrell, and Secretary Patricia Moulton announced in a press conference Thursday afternoon that state charges have also been filed.  This stems from investigations dating back to as early as 2008. 

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