VSC Faces System Wide Tuition Hike And New Degree Programs

Board of TrusteesFAIRLEE- The Vermont State Colleges Board of Trustees held annual retreat at the Lake Morey Resort beginning Tuesday, September 17th. During Tuesdays general board meeting, the Board of Trustees unanimously approved an average of a 2.8% overall tuition hike for all schools across the VSC system.

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Indigenous People's Day in Vermont

Statehouse ShotVERMONT - The State Legislature has approved a bill that would allow the legal renaming of Columbus Day in the state of Vermont to Indigenous People's Day. The change in holiday names is to bring a better focus to American history and celebrate American history rather than celebrate Christopher Colombus finding America and colonizing the "New World".

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NVU Lyndon Represented at State House

symposium MONTPELIER- Students from Northern Vermont University-Lyndon traveled to the State House yesterday for the 2nd annual Vermont State College Student Symposium. Students from NVU Johnson, Castleton University, Vermont Technical College, and Community College of Vermont were also in attendance.The concept of this event was for students from all Vermont State Colleges to be able to share the projects and research they've done through their departments with Vermont legislators.

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Single-Use Plastics Ban Proposed in Vermont

WhitesVERMONT- Practice makes perfect and you may want to start remebering to bring your reusable bags to shopping centers here in Vermont. As soon as 2020, the use of plastic bags may become a thing of the past.

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Understanding Addiction: Zach Rhoads

ZachRhoadsBURLINGTON- For most, seeing the term addiction in media headlines has become a common occurrence. We know it exists and we know many are struggling. Yet despite our efforts to combat this "crisis", do we truly understand the meaning of addiction itself? In Human Behavior Specialist, Zach Rhoads' opinion, we don't. At least not to the full extent that we potentially could.

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H. Brooke Paige Seeks To Hold Public Office

H Brooke PaigeBURLINGTON - H. Brooke Paige ran for six different state positions in the 2018 Vermont Election, and he was nominated to run on the Republican Ballot for all six offices. This being said Paige turned down five of these positions and began his campaign for the only office that he wanted all along, the position of Secretary of State.

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Tynio Down but not Out of the Running

anya tinyoBURLINGTON - The GOP headquarters was a quieter place than years past on election night in 2018. Due to the fact that many of the seats in both House and Senate were vacated by Republicans and filled by Democrats on the state level. One Vermont Republican, however, had much larger aspirations than being elected to a state office. Anya Tynio ran her very first campaign in this years election, and she ran for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. 

When asked at the GOP headquarters prior to the poll results how Tynio felt she did in this years election, she had no expression other than that of pride in herself and her team, as well as a sunny outlook on the future regardless of if she won her election or not. "This is my first time running for office, and while I am one of the youngest politicians running for office, I feel that I have a lot to offer and many opinions that have not been explored before due to my age and how I have been brought up in our modern times." Tynio explained, "regardless of how the polls turn out I am happy with what I and my team have accomplished, I did what I wanted to do and I said what I needed to say, ultimately it's up to the voters."

Sadly for Tynio, she lost her election to Peter Welch by a deficit of 117,788 votes. This did not discourage her however, in fact if anything it only strengthened her drive to run again in the next election. "regardless of the poll numbers I believe that I have found my true calling in politics, and even though I may have lost this year, voters can expect to see my name on the ballot in 2020."

Phil Scott: Our Re-Elected Governor

phil scott GOPBURLINGTON - The GOP Headquarters in Burlington sprung alive after 10:30 PM on election night when it was announced that Phil Scott had entered the building. Not very soon after was it announced that he had crossed the threshold that ensured that he would remain our Governor for an additional two-year term. Once Scott entered the ballroom at the DoubleTree Hotel, there were thunderous applause from the members of the republican party present at the function. 

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Mark MacDonald Runs for Senator Again

macVERMONT -With elections just a week away, Senator Mark MacDonald who represents Orange County is running for re-election.

During his previous term as a Senator, he saught changes in climate, the environment, and worked to find new ways of creating a broadband co-op. Now, one of his main efforts will target finding new ways to change the education system in Vermont. Another will be working to negotiate dairy prices so people can have better access to jobs closer to home.

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Tapping for the Liquid Gold

MAPLE TAPPINGCABOT-I still can remember the feeling that I first time to try maple syrup, sweet but not greasy. With the pancake and bacon together, the sugar sap was definitely divine. After that, how to make maple syrup always made me curious. The Goodrich Maple Farm was one of the maple production farms around Caledonia area, in Washington County, Vermont. Among at least 16 maple farms, the Goodrich’s Maple Farm attracted my eye-bows because a giant stone as a commercial sign in front of the farm, and there was a huge orange maple leaf on it.

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Car Emissions in Vermont

CAR EMISSIONS thumbnailVERMONT - The Trump administration is looking to lower the emission standards on motor vehicles across the nation. This will undo all the legislation created to protect the environment and enforce stricter gas emission laws that were put in place during the Obama administration. Many Vermonters are against this move by the Trump administration, and members of Vermont's state government are working to keep emission standards where they are in our state.

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Scott Beck for New Education Formula

Lyndon Educaiton ThumbnailVERMONT- Caledonia State Representative Scott Beck has hopes this year that the state legislature will pass the bill H.911 that he has proposed to make changes to Vermont's education funding formula.

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Girls With Guns

GirlsWIthGunsCRAFTSBURY- The age old debate of gun control will be at the forefront of American Politics as long as their continues to be violence. But no matter the outcome, are at the heart of a major winter sport: Biathlon.

For girls from the ages of 8 to 18, a biathlon training clinic was held at the Craftsbury Outdoor Center as part of five days of cross country events, including two national races.

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Vermont Residents May Loose Rural Cell Coverage

CellTowerthumbVERMONT- Cell phone communication may become harder to access for Vermont residents in rural areas.

Coverage Co, a company aimed to solving the challenge of rural cell coverage, had contracted with the Vermont Telecommunications Authority to build small cell wireless antennas along state roadways. 160 of the antennas were made and the business model did not work as planned. The company did attempt to sell to a buyer but the first but fell through.

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Nature is My Studio

studioBARNET - “It was a scary night. My one child was just two months old, and my daughter was only four. Before this thing happened, I always worried about what other people’s thoughts and was afraid of if they don’t like my works. But after that, I thought about it: life is short, I should do the things that I really like to do,” said Sarah Walls, a freelance photographer. In 2011, Sarah’s house at Joe’s Brook Rd in Barnet suffered a landslide. She and her family had to leave their house at middle of the night. This accident strongly influenced her mind about life. She determined to do photography business by herself.

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Barnet Solar Project

barnet solarBARNET- Last May the community of Barnet held an open discussion about the proposed Barnet Solar Array Project. This project involves multiple customers sharing a large Solar Photovoltaic (PV) array through Virtual Net Metering or Group Net Metering programs. Residents of Barnet, St. Johnsbury and Peacham will have the first opportunity to become members in order to use the power daily. Community Solar is an environment-friendly option for individuals and businesses who want to support clean energy. 

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VT Granted $2M for Opioid Misuse

mikebeat3VERMONT— Along with Senators Patrick Leahy and Bernie Sanders, as well as Congressmen Peter Welch, Governor Phil Scott introduced a $2-million federal grant increasing access to prevent opioid misuse. 

According to a letter sent by U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, this is the first of two rounds of funding and is administered by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services administration.

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VT Officials React to New Health Care Bill

mikebeat1VERMONT— This past Thursday, the House narrowly approved plans to repeal specific and major elements of the Affordable Care Act. The bill, known as the American Health Care Act, needed 216 of 430 votes to be passed. The final tally of votes by the House of Representatives was extremely close, being in favor of the act by a 217-213 vote.

Vermont Senator Joe Benning stated that he isn’t sorry to see ObamaCare repealed. “My biggest complaint about the ACA (Obama care) was the enforced federal mandate for failure to purchase health insurance,” said Benning. 


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Growing Freshness and Convenience

VEGGIEVERMONT - Community-supported agriculture (CSA) is a method allowing farms to have a financial commitment from subscribed consumers, thus providing a periodical produce delivery service to those members. People essentially buy in, then farm receives some capital and the assurance they have a market to sell their products. Once the connection is made between farm and consumer, the customer becomes a shareholder and then receives apart of that harvest. 

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House Finalizes Budget

mikebeat2 edited-1VERMONT— The final day of April proved to be a busy one for the Vermont Senate and House Appropriations Committee. Leaders finally completed negotiations regarding a budget bill to fund the government through September 30. 

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Tick Season

TicksVERMONT- As the warmer months start to approach many animals and insects come out from hiding. One species in particular can be very dangerous to not only humans but animals as well. Ticks are commonly misinterpreted as being insects, they are actually a member of the arachnid family and are even considered to have traits of a scorpion. They are considered to be part of the arachnid family because of the number of legs that they have.

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Youth Turkey Hunting Weekend

Youth TurkeyVERMONT - Youth hunting weekends are a staple to Vermont's hunting landscape. From Deer to Turkey's, youth hunters age 15 and younger, are given a chance to pursue their quarry the weekend before the season opens for adults. But youth weekends also provide an opportunity for youth and mentor to grow closer and create lasting memories.

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Recycling Law To Enact New Phase

CompostLawVERMONT- Another phase of Vermont's universal recycling law will be enacted on July 1st, and focuses on composting food waste. For now, this affects businesses who generate larger amounts of food waste per year, and the waste facilities that handle it.

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Cancer Risk for Firefighters Grows

cancerthumbnail VERMONT - Firefighters have a dangerous job, but for years they went about their daily routine completely unaware of a deadly risk. 

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Education Ending at the Bell

AfterschoolVERMONT - Local area after school programs are in risk of losing the vital funding they need to help further students.

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