VTSU Announces a New President

Vermont- Today the Vermont State College Board of Trustees annouced a New Interm President this afternoon.




    After just six months in office President Mike Smith will be stepping down and making  way for a new Interm president. The Board went into an executive session in the meeting this afternoon. After the executive session the board of trustees announced tehir desion to the forum. David G. Bergh will take office come November 1st.


Vermont State College Chancellor Sophie Zdatny said in a press release.


“We are excited to welcome Dr. Bergh back to the Vermont State Colleges System at this exciting moment in our history,” said Sophie Zdatny, Chancellor of the Vermont State Colleges System. “Dr. Bergh understands rural higher education and brings a true passion for advancing the needs of students to his work. He has a strong connection to Vermont’s rural communities and their unique needs, and a track record of engagement, community service and relationship-building. Dr. Bergh will thoughtfully carry forward the transformation and optimization work already underway to usher Vermont State University through its next phase. We are eager to welcome Dr. Bergh home to Vermont.”

Current president Mike Smith will be ending his 6 mouth term on October 31st.

In the press release a incoming president David G. Bergh said;

"I am incredibly impressed with the students, faculty, staff, and leaders of Vermont State University and throughout the Vermont State Colleges system. The transformation planning and the modernization work done over the last few years is truly remarkable. I believe that this work paves the way for growth and viability at our campuses and will be a national model to build on. I am excited to reconnect with old friends and forge new connections across all our campuses and learning locations as I begin this work. I am honored to be selected as the interim President of Vermont State University and look forward to the work ahead because I know the future of Vermont State University is bright.”