Gov. Phil Scott Works to Keep Taxes Down

Monpiler- Vermont Govenor Phil Scott has been true to his election plans.

In his May 3rd press conference he stood strong on keeping taxes down. He his conference with a statement about the Paid family leave and its affect on Vermont.



"I'm sure you are well aware of my concerns with the budget as well as raisng taxes and fees, "Gov. Phil Scott said. "Which means I have signifficant concerns with the legislatures version with paid family leave and child care bills."


The bill relies on taxing Vermonters more, and Scott feels that Vermonters are already burdensed enough. Scott has ideas of his own and hope the Senate and House ideas and his own can be conprimised to not raise taxes.

State empolyees will be eligable on July 1st and state will pay for it. Within a year private insurence with be eligible through his plan.