Vermont Looks to Legalize Sports Betting

An estimated 50.4 million dollars were bet on the Super Bowl this year across 33 states.  Right now, Vermont is not one of those states participating in sports wagering.  If Vermonters wanted to bet on the Superbowl through sportsbooks Sunday they had to travel outside the state.


However, that could change soon.  Currently, the Vermont Legislature is looking into legalizing sports betting and it's already been endorsed by the Senate.

Democratic Caledonia State Senator Jane Kitchell said, "The reality is it's out there people are engaging in sports betting. Either they are doing it in other states or are doing it in more unregulated environments. So we have endorsed moving toward it"
St Johnsbury Republican Representative Scott Beck will support it in the House as he believes this what Vermonters want.

"They want to be able to bet on these games i think its like any other lottery or game... its entertainment and its like most things if its done in moderation its entertainment I think people want it," said Beck. 

The biggest concerns with sports gambling is how will it be regulated and how people will be educated.

Liqour and Loterry Commissioner Wendy Night says."Alot of problem gambling and consumer protection, so its not just how the operators are conducting their business but its also making sure that the players are aware of what responsible gaming looks like and aware of the resources if they feel they have an issue with problem gambling."
If the bill is passed Governor Scott said he will sign it into law.  Once passed, betting won't be able to happen right away as the infrastructure to collect gambling taxes would need to be figured out.  Representative Beck believes Vermonters won't be able to bet on the next Superbowl but the one in 2025 will be on the board.