Vermont state senator results 2022

Vermont- Democrat Peter Welch has been announced as the new Vermont state senator. Welch won with a 67.2% vote beating republican candidate Gerlad Malloy.

Welch and Malloy have had a strong run for the position with Welch surpassing Malloy from the start of November 8th vote count. Welch has previous experience in the senate, with 15 years in this position.

Welch plans to continue work in trying to provide affordable health care for all. He has worked to try to lower the cost of prescription drugs, as well as putting forward a bill to provide medicare for all. As recently as November 4th of 2022, Welch and Florida Democratic senator Darren Soto, wrote a letter to the pentagon calling on the Department of Defense to ensure TRICARE beneficiaries can continue to receive medical care at local community pharmacies


Welch also plans on continuing his work on climate change, renewable energy, gun reform, equal rights and voting rights.Welch is a well known figure in Vermont politics, with over a decade of experience in the senate, and dozens of legislations passed.


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