Vermont Election results 2022

VERMONT - The results for the 2022 election are in. The majority of winners are democrats with only one winner being republican. The results are as follows:


For the position of U.S senator, democrat Peter Welch has won with a 67.2% vote. Welch has spent 15 years total in the position of U.S House Rep for the state of Vermont. Welch has passed bills in national defense, healthcare and equality acts.

Democrat Becca Balint has been named the new congressional representative with a 61.3% vote. Democrat Becca Balint and republican Liam Madden have been two of the most vocal in the race. This win makes Balint the first woman to represent Vermont in congress. She will now focus on healthcare and mental health reform, social justice, the economy and the future of Vermont. She has just released her victory speech.

Republican Phil Scott was elected for his fourth term as Vermont Governor. Scott won by a 72.8% vote and is the only republican elected into position in the state. 

The new Lieutenant Governor of Vermont has been announced as progressive democrat David Zuckerman with 149,075 votes. This is his third time in the position of lieutenant governor, with 2017-2021 being his most recent time in office. Zuckerman plans to continue focusing on bringing diverse voices to Montpelier.

The new Attorney General is democrat Charity R. Clark with 61.1% of votes. With experience as a lawyer, as well as assistant attorney general, Clark has served as Chief of Staff under Attorney General T.J. Donovan since 2018.

Democrat Sarah Copeland Hanzas has been named as Secretary of State, with a 61.8% vote. Hanzas is focused on climate reform, social justice and cannabis reform. She has also served on the healthcare committee for over a decade, fighting to make healthcare more affordable for all Vermonters.

New democratic State Treasure Mike Pieciak has won by a 62.1% vote. Pieciak strives to strengthen the state financial service industry. He led the Department of Financial Regulation (DFR), as well as part of Vermonts consumer watchdog agency, Pieciak has served Vermont's financial industries for the past 8 years.

Republican H.Brook Paige ran for both positions of Secretary of State and State Treasure. Paige was elected to neither of the positions. Paige also ran as attorney general and state auditor, however he did not appear on the November 8th ballot under these positions.

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