Will Vermont be All-EV by 2035?

VERMONT - California announced in early September that it plans to have all Electic Vehicles (EV's) by 2035. Vermont has tended to lean towards following California's lead on climate change issues.  

The California legislation says that by 2035, all vehicles sold in the state will be EV.  This is phased in over time; 70% by 2026, and 80% by 2030.  

Currently, the California legislation is being discussed in the Vermont legislature. When Governor Phil Scott was asked about the policy, he said he believes he won't have to make the decision.

"I'm saying that I believe the manufacturers will decide this on their own. I think Ford has already decided this, and I think General Motors is not far behind. So I think the major manufacturers have set their course. And this is something that makes sense in the future."

Vermont is one of 17 states looking into following California's lead, including neighbors New York and Massachusetts.