Barnet Baker Helps Community

BARNET - A local baker in Barnet is helping town residents in a unique way-by baking bread for them totally free of charge. These loaves don't cost the people who receive them anything, and its been brighting Barnet faces, young and old alike. 

Ashely Bisson and her father started baking breads five weeks ago in light of this COVID-19 epidemic, as a way to help out people in need.

"We've been doing this for several weeks now, so flour kind of runs out at times. But, we have been accepting donations like eggs and more flour for the bread. So far people have been pretty generous." said Mr. Bisson, Ashley's father.

Mr. Bisson is a former baker and thought baking loaves of bread would be a good use of his time during this pandemic, and a good way to provide for the community too.

"I've been sitting around doing nothing, and one day I thought you know I have my oven, I have my mixer and some flour and water-Why don't I just start making bread for people who need it?" said Mr. Bisson.

"We usually make anywhere from twenty to twenty five loaves of bread per bake, I just thought this would be a fun way for me to do something." said Mr. Bission. 

Mr. Bission bakes, and Ashley delivers bread around the Barnet/Peachem communtity. Together they have been making a couple hundred loaves of bread per week, and might go back to adding Wednesday as a bread delivery day if they get busier. They sanitize after each bake, and Ashley wears a mask for her delivery and maintains a social distancing contact.

"We usually bake Italian, Wheat, and White bread in our bakes, but if we get donated things like bananas or blueberries-we will add that into the bread. We have a ninety four year old women in our town who loves banana bread, so we've been making her some of that." said Ashley. 

So far, Ashley and Mr. Bisson have been seeing the same people, but they are beginning to see newer people the more they post about their bread on the Barnet Community Facebook page. Both are in agreement that if anything-its giving them something to do in these trying times.

"For me its keeping my sanity, cause its given me a routine, when I didn't have one during this pandemic." said Mr. Bisson. 

"And for me its getting me out of the house, it lets me drive Barnet and Peachem's back roads, its been lovely to see people." said Ashley.

 Bread delivery will continue on Monday and Friday afternoons. Ashley and her father would like to continue to deliver to people only in the Barnet/Peachem areas. Donations are appreciated, but they are not necessary. Anyone from Barnet or Peachem who would like some of these loaves can contact Ashley Bisson through the Barnet Community Facebook page, or the number 802-633-4049.