Vermont COVID-19 Curve Flattening

VERMONT - Governor Scott voiced his appreciation for Vermonters continuing to social distance on Friday during his daily press brefing to keep Vermonters up to date. The Governor and his task force team wanted to assure Vermonters that we are in the right direction as Vermont has seen a flattening of the curve.

"Vermont has stepped up to the challenge and as a result, we have begun to see the fruits of our labor with a growth rate of new cases averaging below four percent over the last twelve days. This is all the rersult of hard work and sacrifice by everyone across the state." said Governor Scott. 

With Vermont currently at 779 cases and 35 deaths, the state has seen a daily drop in cases but Governor Scott says, we are not out of the woods yet. 

 "While these trends are encouraging, I want to be clear and say, we are not declaring victory but we are seeing day light." 

In that day light, Scott emphazised that if Vermonters continue to do their part in social distancing, we can look forward to re-opening the economy guided by data. 

The Agency of Commerce and Community Development has come up with a plan to allow certain buissnesses such as property managment, one to two person crews of workers in construction and similar trades as well as low or no contact perfessional services such as appraisers, realtors, municipal clerks and attorneys to get back to work beginning April 20. 

"This won't be bussness as usual," says Scott. " Social distancing is still necessary, so operations are limited to a maximum of two workers per location who must maintain a six foot distance and wear a cloth mask."

In additon to this, Scott also says he is in hopes of getting Farmers Markets to begin opperating. 

"I also want you to know, Farmers Markets will be allowed to opperate beginning May 1 with guidelines being coordinated as we speak by the Agency of Agriculture". 

With the help of the Health Department, State of Emergancy Opperations Center, The Agency of Commerce and others, Governor Scott and his task force developed five principals of guidness to restart Vermont.

"First, keeping our eyes on the data, second maintain readiness, third increase testing and tracing, fourth work smarter and work safer, fifth to play smarter and play safer."

Many Vermonts are still in desperate need of money as Scott and his task force voiced they are working hard to clear the backlog of eligable claims for unemployment. 

"I have given the Department of Labor until Saturday night to clear the backlog of eligable claims and this is the traditional unemployment claims. And if they don't, beginning on Sunday, I have authorized the Treasury to start writting $1,200 checks to send to anyone who is still in need." said Scott. 

This comes in additon to Vermont hiring more employees to their Unemployment Insurance call center says Vermont Department of Labor Commissioner Micheal Harrington. 

"Beginning next week, we are adding people from other state agency's to help on the call line and up to 70 call center representatives from an outside vendor. This means by the middle of next week, we can add over a hundred staff memebers to the phone lines to assist Vermonters." says Harrington. 

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Governor Scott wanted to assure Vermonters, we will get through this together. 

"In order to win both the health an economic battle, each of us, not just me or the government or your neighbor down the street, but each of us individualy has to be smart. I know together, we can build on our progress, stay united in this work and get through this stronger than before."