Bernie Sanders Talks COVID-19

VERMONT - Senator Bernie Sanders held a COVID-19 Town hall meeting Thursday evening to answer questions from the public over the phone on April 9th.  Sanders was accompanied by Governor Phil Scott, Senator Patrick Leahy, and representative Peter Welch. Dr. Mark Levine also attended the call to answer any questions.

During the meeting, callers were invited to ask questions about the COVID-19 virus. Many Vermont residents called in with concerns about what the Federal Government is doing which lead to Sanders to say "the federal government is doing everything it can."

Callers also raised attention to the unemployment rate as Governor Scott projected the unemployment rate is projected to reach 25-30% in the state.

A question that was also brought up was about whether the federal government has sent any money to Vermont to help with the pandemic.  Governor Scott did acknowledge that an undisclosed amount of money was expected to arrive for Vermont this Friday.

Dr.Levine also added that Vermont isn't being hit as badly as other states, and pointed to the data that shows that from the seven thousand tests taken, only 10-12% have come back positive, while neighboring states such as New York and New Jersey have a positive test coming back in the 30% range.