Rundown of Yesterday's Covid-19 Update

VERMONT- In yesterday's press conference, Govorner Phil Scott gave an update regarding Covid-19 testing and correctional facilities in Vermont.

Scott also confirmed again that an extension to his "Stay Home Stay Safe" order will arrive tomorrow, with details being given out then.

Scott began the conference with a reminder that social distancing remains the best tool people can use to keep safe and protect others. 

"Your sacrifices are having an impact. Staying home, washing your hands, avoiding contact. These steps are literally saving lives," Scott said.

Scott continued by explaining if safety measures weren't implemented and followed, Vermont could have been looking at thousands of cases and deaths, based on the projections the state uses.

As of yesterday, the data collected by the state shows confirmed cases of Covid-19 is at six hundred and five. The state said the average number for positive tests coming each day is around thirty.

Fifteen rapid testing kits have been distributed by the federal government to Vermont. Each machine can run one hundred and twenty tests, for a total of 18,000 rapid tests. 

Human Services Secretary Mike Smith, said that starting today all correctional facilities will be required to wear masks- both inmates and staff. Inmates will also start being screened three times a day. This is in response to one confirmed case of covid-19 in the inmate population in Northwestern Correctional. In the NEK, there has been one confirmed case of covid-19 in the faculty of Northern Correctional in Newport.

"We are trying to move forward in a compassionate way, but at the same time we have to keep the public safe," Smith said.

Inmate population has also decreased by two hundred and thirty-six in an effort to reduce the virus spreading. The state made sure to clarify that people are being released from the facilities only if it can be proven they are not a threat to society.