Vermont COVID-19 Peak Expected As Early As This Week

GovBriefing040620VERMONT - Governor Phil Scott and his COVID-19 task force held their daily press briefing this morning to update the public on the latest concerns for COVID-19. 

With Vermont now at 461 cases and a total of 22 deaths, Governor Scott says we should prepare for the worst.  

"We are entering a time when we should expect to keep seeing increases in positive tests. As we head into these next few weeks, we need to be prepared for things to get worse before they get better," said Scott. 

This comes as the peak for COVID-19 is expected to hit within the coming days and weeks. As Commissioner of Health Dr. Levine said, it could be as soon as this week.

"All the models we have been using, are speaking towards peak activity later on in this month perhaps as early as this week". 

On a positive note, Dr. Levine stated that all the models show that our social distancing is working.

"They all show that the social distancing mitigation strategies are working here. I do need you all to understand that the sacrafices you are making, are actually helping," said Levine. 

Dr. Levine could not emphasize enough though how criticle our social distancing is going to be in the next coming weeks as we approach peak.

"It's not like our work is done, data looks better, time to move on. We need to continue to work hard for a while longer."

 In addition, Dr. Levine goes on to say at worst case scenario we could see over 100 deaths but with all we are doing, our social distancing could save thousands of lives. 

"The more recent modeling that was done out of Northeastern University shows that all of what we are doing now could potentially when all this is over, save over 1700 lives. I would like us to focus on the positives." 

Governor Scott and his task force want to remind everyone to continue practicing good social distancing and wearing masks when out in public. Continue to wash your hands and try not to touch your face. Overall, the Governor wants everyone to know, we will beat this virus if we all work together. 

"This is a once in a century challenge, but with each of us sacrificing for the greater good, neighbours helping neighbors using Vermonts commen scense and ingenuity, by uniting around the common cause of protecting one another, we will beat this. And we will be stronger as a people of a state because of it," said Scott.

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