State Officials Give Update On Covid-19

VERMONT- State officials explained Wednesday where Vermont is at currently during the pandemic, in terms of resources needed and gave an estimate on the trajectory of the virus.

Questions asked during these briefings were taken by reporters calling in, to comply with social distancing protocols.

Governor Phil Scott stated he does not think the state will be running normally by easter, which goes against President Trumps prediction.

To help "bend the curve,"  the state would rather not test people who show no or mild symptoms, in order to focus on people with more severe symptoms. These tests are said to be 75% - 85% accurate. This means there could be a 15% chance that you get tested and receive a false reading.

Education about the virus and maintaining social distancing is the state's main focus now, according to Scott.

On the topic of unemployment, the state is looking to raise the amount given to people from five hundred dollars given to around eleven hundred dollars. This change is expected to last four months.

An expected four hundred billion dollar in emergency grants to be used to help out small business owners in keeping their places open and afloat while the state is on shut down is also in the works.