McIndoe Academy Restorations Voted Down

McIndoe ThumbnailBARNET - Article 2 to renovate and restore the existing McIndoe Academy was voted down on town meeting day Monday, but the town voted yes on something new and fresh. 

Forty two percent of registered voters came out on Monday in Barnet. The vote to pay 2.2 million dollars over a period thirty years to repair historic McIndoe Academy failed by 336 to 220 votes. Thats roughly fifty two to forty two percent. 

McIndoe Academy was built in 1853, and many of the older residents of Barnet went to school there. They feel a nostalgic and emotional connection to the building. For several months selectboard meetings were held on what do do with this existing property, and some of them got heated between community members. Last April the selectboard thought of an idea, to let voters vote on establishing a new community building on town meeting day. Monday Barnet voters finally got the opportunity to do this, and it was passed. This building will serve as a place to hold town events, functions, and it could possibly be an election place as well.

"I hope that conceptual drawings and than architectual ones will come next. And, I hope that the community has imput on whether these concepts appeal to them. I think there are a lot of ideas amoung the community members." said Kathleen Monore, an advocate for this new building, and a retired school teacher from West Barnet.

The ideas for design of this building are in the works, and the selectboard still needs to find a contractor for them. McIndoe Academy Assocation hopes to be in contact with the members of the selectboard in this new building constructiuon too. There is currently no start or end date for this new building.