Peacham Christmas Guild

thumbnail peacham PEACHAM-This past friday and saturday Peacham hosted their annual Corners Christmas above the town hall. The Peacham Corners Guild has been going on for a little over twenty five years. Peacham also hosts a regular holiday shop from mid October to November, and they've been doing this for almost fifteen years. This Christmas Guild in particular though, is a good way to get some unique and homemade christmas items from around Vermont.


"Its nice to invite people into our town, so they can see what we've got to offer. We're not just like the big box stores you know you find in the cities, and we've got some good things going on in town." said Cheryl Stevenson a Peacham preschool worker.

In recent years the Peacham Corners Christmas Guild has been more active on their website, and Facebook page too. This has allowed vistors to know more details of the guild, and has even brought some out of staters to come out to these guilds. Many in state Vermonters have been coming year after year to this guild since it began.

"I've been coming for several years now, its become a tradition of mine. I like a lot of the knitted items I can buy here. I usually take my daughter with me to this, but tonight she couldn't come so I took my husband instead. Its a lot of fun coming evey year." said Elizabeth Dickenson a Marshfield Librarian.

Peacham Hopes to host another Holiday Guild above the town hall on December 15th.