Chasing Checks Across Vermont

Stolen CheckSAINT JOHNSBURY- Authorities in Saint Johnsbury are asking for the public’s help in locating a suspect, who attempted to deposit a stolen check at the Community National Bank in St. J.


Two females can be seen driving in a white mini-van up to the window. Police inform us that the van has stolen license plates on the vehicle.

While they were not successful in their attempt here in Saint J, Police Chief Tim Page told News7 that they were attempting to deposit this check from White River Junction, all of the way up here to Saint J.



Chief Page’s biggest piece of advice to the public is to keep your eyes open and to let the authorities know if you spot them. “ If you see somebody matching that description, and there was more than one female in the vehicle, we’d like to hear from you. We have no idea where they came from, where they’re going to, so those would be helpful,” says chief Page.


If you have any information regarding this, you can reach the St J PD at (802) 748-2314.