Governor swears in superior court judge

swearing inSaint Johnsbury - Governor Phil Scott visited Saint Johnsbury on the 25th of October to swear in Lisa Warren as a new superior court judge.

When Warren became a lawyer 20 years ago, her record as Vermont's previous state attourney showed she had a history of focusing on "restorative" justice, according to Scott.

"Our traditional justice system needs to be predictable and hold serious offenders accountable," said Scott.

The ceremony included several prominate figures to speak on Warren's behalf, including Christina Noleman, Vermont's District Attourney. 

Noleman took the time to speak on two of Warrens past cases, one involving the murder of Saint Johnsbury's Melissa Jenkins.

Kate Piper, a retired prosecutor also spoke, speaking on how Warren supported juvenile reform.

"Lisa was among the first to respond," said Piper, "she started referring more cases to diversion, community justice center and the Youthful Offender program."