Less Than 1 Year Until Real ID's Necessary

REAL IDVERMONT- With a little under a year until it becomes a federal mandate, more and more states ahem been jumping on the bandwagon with Real ID compliant drivers licenses. Once October 1st 2020 rolls around, people will be required to use these new ID’s as a way to not only board airlines, but gain entry into federal buildings, like court houses or even to head to the bank. Implemented in the wake of 9/11, the goal behind these real ID’s, is to verify that the person on the ID card is indeed you. As Vermont DMV Branch Operations Manager Nancy Prescott explained to News7, while Vermont was not a front runner in making this transformation, they have been doing quite well at making the push. A large majority of drivers have already switched ahead of the 2020 deadline.


Prescott says, in Vermont, “Real ID has been out for some time, but we rolled out January 1st of 2014. We offer a two year or a four year license, so now as of 2019 we have hit all of our databases, for individuals to have the option to go with Real ID if they have chosen too.” As Prescott explained, it’s a choice. If you do not want to get your Real ID, you should be prepared to carry a passport with you when you’re heading to the bank.