Behind The Scenes of Productions and Fairbanks Museum Programs

Untitled-1VERMONT- A theater production takes a lot of work to be able to make possible for the public. Gianna Fregosi, the advisor for the Twilight Player at the Northern Vermont University Lyndon campus and President of the Saint Johnsbury Players, explains more. As well as Drew Bush from the Fairbanks Museum.

She gave insight as to the hard work and effort that goes into a production. There are a multude of things to worry about when it comes to make everything fall into place. First, thing to think about it how do the Twilight Players decide on what production to put on? Gianna Fregosi explained that the students and herself put together a handful of options every year to look at what could be done for the fall and spring. Fregosi continues saying that she narrows down the choices to three for each semester.

After the production is chosen, there are a few things to take into consideration. There are costuming, set designing, auditions, lining up all the actors' schedules and maing that actors show up on time presentable and ready. Fregosi explained that a lot of meetings with costumers and set designers take place to discuss what is need so that everyone will be on the same page.

However, almost anything can happen during rehearsals before the opening night, especially if an actor is improvising. Fregosi explained that during a rehearsal of the musical Pippin, a while back one of the actors was improvising. The actor improvised the choreography and rolled his ankle, while one of the dancers was sitting on the stage with her hand behind her back propping herself up. Unfortunately, the actor fell forward and the bottome half of his weight fell on her which caused her to have a hairline fracture in her wrist. So Fregosi continued saying that due to the injury of the dancer, they had to have some one fill in for her and figure out what to do because she was featured in the dances. When something like an injury or even missing a performance occurs, Gianna Fregosi has to discuss with the stage manager to figure out who is going to fill in.

When it comes to opening night of a production, it always falls on a Thursday night. Fregosi explains that the reasoning behind this is because a lot of students might not have the choice to attend the performances on the weekend.

The roles are always as follows, an assistant director, a student assistant director, stage managers, lighting designers as well as the actors.

Fregosi stated that she encourages students who are interested in lighting or technical efffects, set building, prop building to reach out because it is a good way to make connections with the other actors especially those in Cinema Production and Animation.

Not only is Gianna Fregosi a part of the Twilight Players, but she is also is involved in the Saint Johnsbury Players. The Saint Johnsbury Players is a community-based theater group. Fregosi said that this group has been putting on plays around the Northeast Kingdom for over eighty years. They do about three productions per year. One in fall, spring and summer. The actors are all volunteers meaning that they are not being paid. Howvever, Fregosi mentioned that musicians and music directors do get paid as it is considered the norm. But the group does a student scholarship for high students in the area for high school seniors who plan to continue in theater education.

The next production for the Twilight Players is The Night of the Living Dead the opening night is on Halloween at 7:30 at Alexander Twilight Theatre.

If anyone is interested in the Twilight Players or the St. Johnsbury Players, they can be found on and

Moving on, the process of the progrmas at the Fairbanks Museum is is a different aspect than productions.

Drew Bush is the the Director of Programs for the Fairbanks Museum in St. Johnsbury. Bush started working there in June of this year. 

Before starting his job at the Museum, Bush managed programs at McGill University. Bush exxplained that his work at the Univeristy helped him to feel prepared for his current job. His backgriund is in Science Education, as well.

Drew Bush said that the most important thing you can do as a manager, when you're new at a job is to sit down and to talk with all of the staff who you're either working with or that work for you.

Bush is in charge of both the educational and public programs at the museum. He said that he goes down to schools in the region to sit down with teachers and school superintendents, to get their feedback on what they would find most helpful.

Bush stated that one of the most enjoyable parts is being able to do the things that the staff members ask for in those initial coversations. He mentioned that currently there a lot of programs happening; the STEM lab, portable planetarium and programs geared towards life-learning for adults.

Bush exclaimed that the Fairbanks museum us open to partnering with dfferent institutions and is interested in being an active community member, as well as being involved in the projects that go on in this region.

Drew Bush encourages the community to reach out to the Fairbanks Museum. He said that he is always happy to talk with people who are interested in helping or working at the museum.

If anyone is interested in reaching out to the Fairbanks Museum, their phone number is 802-748-2372.