Lake Willoughby Grant

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WilloughbyVERMONT-- One of the most popular spots in the summer for people to unwind and relax while cooling off is Lake Willoughby, and soon it will become even more popular come next year when the south side of the lake gets a face lift. 

Lake Willoughby is a vacationers destination spot up here in the Northeast Kingdom. The Vermont Department of Forest, Parks, and Recreation received a grant of $200,000 from the National Boarders Commission to fix up the South Side of the lake. The total cost of the project is about $627,000, of which the remaining $427,000 would be payed by the tax payers. 

The result of the project would be more parking, public bathrooms, and making trails handicapped accesible, by that they mean making it easier for people with bad knees and those having trouble walking to and from the beaches. 

One of the main issues that has come up in regards to the lake is the parking. As of right now the lake has a small area in which people can park safely, but lately that parking lot is getting a little too tight for those coming to the lake. "The parking lot was big enough to acomadate it with the roadside stuff but we're seeing people park on both sides of route five a creating a real safety hazard with traffic also tring to get through there,"  stated Stewardship Forester, Louis Bushey. 

There is no set date for the project to begin but hopes are it will start next year.