Sutton School Water

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SuttonWaterSUTTON-- If you walk through Sutton Grade School, you might notice some students with water bottles that they are filling up via water jugs but that is not because they are being eco-friendly instead their water at the school is undrinkable.

The school has had this water issue for two years now and it has not gotten any easier or better. Speical Education Teacher for kindergaden through fifth graders, Kelly Sefcik, sees the struggles everyday when it comes to students getting water to drink. "It's really disruptive, the students are frequently, it's not an occasionally thing, it's frequently, asking to get water. Most of them don't have bottles and the teachers are paying out of the their own pockets to buy cups so the students can get cups of water during the day, to keep hydrated."

Third, fourth, and fifth grade math and science teacher, Becky Jenkins buys her students cups for them to drink out of, which comes to about $10 a month. She asks the kids to put their names on their cups so they can reuse them. "I've had conversations last year about it. I know last year we were able to get some cups from the kitchen, but you know they ran out of them so they have to buy more. I think it just turned into easier for the teachers to just buy the cups themselves instead of sending students up to the cafeteria to get more, it's just easier to have them here ourselves."

The school asks the students to bring their own water bottles to school in order to save on cups, Jenkins says out of about the 100 or so students they have, "between a quarter and a third of the students" bring their own water bottles from home. At the beginning of this year, and last, the school sent out news letters asking parents to get their child(ren) water botles to drink from.

There are about five water filters throughout the school that allows students and teachers to get water to drink. Around most of the filters are jugs of water which allows teachers, and older students, the chance to switch the jugs when empty, but they can be very heavy to lift. One of the biggest problems with having to use the jugs is when it comes to the kitchen getting ready for lunch. Prep work has to start earlier and they need to use water from the jugs in order to cook the food. The kitchen staff did not wish to be interviewed on the topic but did say that is does make cooking a little harder than it should be.

The school is hoping a solution for the water issue can be found and fixed before next year, so the school can go back to the regular water fountains it has.