Donovan Running for Attorney General

DonovanVERMONT- After 19 years of serving as Vermont's Attorney General, William Sorrell is stepping down from the position.  Chittenden County State's Attorney T.J. Donovan is ready to fill the position.  Donovan ran in 2012, hoping to get the democratic nomination but was unsuccessful, losing to Sorrell by 700 votes.  He is attempting to once again receive the democratic nomination for the upcoming election.


According to VT Digger, Donovan has decided to run because "[He] wants to be a champion for everyday Vermonters, for people who need a hand up.  The attorney general can be a great equalizer and can fight to level the playing field for everyday Vermonters.  That's what I've done in this office.  I've brought drug reform, driver restoration programs, and that kind of collaboration and leadership is what I want to bring to the Attorney General's Office."

Donovan announced he would run in June, and he will focus on consumer protection, the heroin epidemic, criminal justice reform, campaign finance, and environmental protection.  Donovan kicks off his campaign tonight in Burlington.