Vermonters React to Sanders' Run for Presidency

sanders thumbVERMONT - Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders announced his run for the 2016 presidential election early morning, May 1st.  The self-declared independent- socialist is running for the Democratic nomination against favored opponent, Hillary Clinton.

Before making national news for declaring his candidacy, the 73 year old was barely known outside of Vermont sate-lines.  Now, Sanders is making a name for himself as the candidate pushing for a "political revolution."


"I'll vote for him," said Vermont resident, Deb Towle. "I think he h has a lot of good ideas and he'll be a good candidate."

But what sets Sanders apart from democrat and republican opponents is his lack of billionaire-donors.

"I don't think you need billionaires behind you," said Towle. "I think you need good loyal people and hard working people - that's who I think will support him."

Vermont resident, John Bowler believes his lack of financial support compared to his rivals will put Sanders behind in the race. "It's just probably not gonna happen," says Bowler.

Outraged by how the rich have destroyed Americ's economy and bought its government, the senator introduced a bill Wednesday, targeting Americas three largest banks - JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo. 

In a video release, Sanders said, "No single financial institution should be so large that its failure would cause catastropic risks to millions of Americans or out nation's economic well-being."

Sanders says that tax-payers should not be held "accountable" when these billion- dollor institutions need to be bailed out, like they were in 2008. 

"The top one percent owns almost as much as wealth as the bottom 90 percent and my conclusion is that - that type of economics is not only immoral and wrong," said Sanders, "it's unsustainable.

Sanders hopes to redistribute "hundreds of millions of dollars" from the one percent to middle-class Amercians.

"If you listen to him and really hear what he has to say, said Towle, "I think th American people should agree with him."

If Sen. Bernie Sanders does get elected, he will be America's oldest President to take office.