Messiness Meets Academics

messynightWELLS RIVER - Preschoolers and other children in the community came out to the Blue Mountain School last night to have fun, and get messy.

Preschool teacher, Carrie Bogie, believed that in the last few years, preschool family involvment activites were lacking at BMU. In order to boost those activities, she started creating a number of events, one of which is the Preschool Messy Night.


Not only is the event for preschoolers and their families, but anyone with young children in the community is invited to attend.

Anne Hatch does not have a student in preschool, but says, "It's a great opportunity to do something with our daughter... and for us it's really great to meet other families in the area."

Bogie says that this is a time where students can come out and have fun, get messy, and release energy at school, so parents do not have to deal with the stress of cleaning up.

"Nobody does this, I'm a parent and I don't do this in my home, it's too messy," says Bogie.

Aside from the fun, Bogie says providing these new students with "sensory activities" helps them to learn and communicate.

"Socially and emotionally, they are learning so much. They're communitcating with their peers, they're sharing...there's so many other adademic skills that they learn, Bogie said."

Throughout the night, everyone looked to be having a blast, and parents couldn't wait for bath time.

"After this it's tubby time, so we'll all get cleaned up before bed, Hatch said."