Saving the Planet & Your Wallet

ShumlinEnergyVERMONT- This years Earth Day has been a busy one for the Vermont government. Today, Governor, Peter Shumlin, announced the expansion of the Heat Saver Loan program to help Vermonters increase their homes efficiency, and decrease their spending.  

 The Heat Saver Loan program was launched one year ago to provide loans for those installing high efficiency boilers and furnaces for heating purposes.  With today’s announcement, the program will extend the availability of these loans to also cover weatherization, cold-climate heat pumps, solar hot water, biomass heat, and other clean heating technologies.  

“This program is about helping Vermonters of all income levels to reduce greenhouse emissions through efficiency and clean energy technologies. The effect of that will be to help grow jobs and save Vermonters money on their energy bills.It’s a win for our planet, for our economy, and for Vermonters’ wallets,” Shumlin said in a statement today.

The Loans program is working with the Vermont Clean Energy Development Fund,with the principal goal of increaseing development and sales of renewable, cost-effective, and environmentally sustainable energy in Vermont. Since its beginning, the fund has been able to award over $64 million for projects.  

Homeowners have to work with a member of the Efficiency Excellence Network to obtain a Heat Savers Loan, or they must work with an eligible solar hot water or wood pellet system installer. The Loans can range up to a maximum of $35 thousand.