Future for Mobile Home Parks

Mobile Home ParksMONTPELIER - Governor Peter Shumlin declared April Fair Housing month following the signing of two housing protection bills ensuring the safety and fairness to mobile home parks.

The first bill ensures that mobile home parks meet safety standards, while the second ensures properly disposal of property following eviction, and the prevention of retaliation based on discrimination.

Gov. Shumlin told the Vermont Digger, “It is integral that we protect the right of Vermonters to live in safe and healthy communities, and these bills will do just that.”

H.123, which was signed first, recognizes that the safety of ones living condition should not depend on the type of home they chose to live in.  The bill also orders that mobile home park residents receive the same assistance from emergency response services as non-mobile home owners.  Any violators of the bill could see a penalty up to $5,000 per act.

"Sadly, discrimination an disrepair sometimes prevent Vermonters from finding a home or being safe in the one they have," Jennifer Hollar, Deputy Commissioner of Housing and Community Development, told the Vermont Digger.

The second bill passed, H.256, obtains a technical correction to Fair Housing protections that ensures Vermont continues its role in maintaining and surpassing Federal standards regarding the ability of citizens to ensure that are treated fairly in their housing, reported the Vermont Digger.