Earn and Learn

vermontVERMONT - Public Hearings for the Vermont Apprenticeship Council took place across the state yesterday. Seven locations, including Lyndon State College, were home to talks regarding all aspects of the council.

 The State Apprenticeship Council is located within the Department of Labor, and has the authority to adopt rules and establish policy.

These hearings were held to set standards in labor for acceptable apprenticeship programs. Also among the discussions, were ways to promote apprentice opportunities as well as ways to safeguard the apprentice welfare.

Judy Bourbeau, Apprenticeship Program Supervisor, says "This is a training program that combines on the job training along with the related instruction that is required for the trade. Registered apprentices are working as they learn, so they earn and learn at the same time."

The Council established minimum standards for apprenticeship. They also issue certificates of completion to apprentices who complete their trade training, under programs registered and approved by the council.